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Visit my official website: Paula's Doll House Hi, I'm Paula McGee, lazy daydreamer, owner & chief dollmaker here at the Doll House. I started designing my own dolls in 1998. I've done all sorts of handicrafts and arts in my time but once I began designing "dolls" I never turned back because any craft or art skill can be used in dollmaking artwork. I've been married to my best friend for 5 years this year and together we have 6 children and 2 grandchildren. My handsome beast is a truck driver and I've just started going with him on the big rig. YES, I make my dolls and write my patterns while ON THE TRUCK... I love traveling. I love God. I love art and doll making. I love teaching what I know and meeting other artists. Love, Paula

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Merrie Halloween!!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

purple door project...

what better way to begin a change of the season's than a new "pathway"... color an entryway or exit... with a fresh coat of paint!

I painted my front door purple this afternoon! everything else is the same, but what a happy face my home has now... hope my hubby knows we still live here when comes home from work, LOL!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Things...

Other than dolls I also make beaded things, such as this darling glass bead dragonfly pin brooch. I'm adding these items to my Etsy Shoppe. Stop by and take a look...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Ode to Raggedy Cat...

This is Raggedy Cat. She came to us about 4 years ago. Hurt, burned ears and whiskers missing. She had bad hips and bowed back legs. Not trusting us at first, then becoming fast friends with some food and love and understanding....
I'm glad to have had those few years to get to have her near. This little package of fur and loud mouth. She'd have an entire conversation with us. We could talk about anything together. She would always listen and always give her two cents worth of meow's...

While we were out Saturday, shopping for cat food, a dog caught her and the end result was a broken back and a lot of pain. We all cried as we gathered her up and took her to the only vet in town that would wait for us. He understood what we needed...

One little shot and to sleep forever...

We will miss our little Raggedy Cat and her Big Loud Meow.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Class, Coming Soon, to Doll Street!

Let's learn to make sweet faery babe's!

We'll learn face painting and wing making.
Make wigs with Tibetan mohair.
Hand needle-sculpting, costuming and embellishment....

Come to Doll Street and Sign up Today!

October's Greeting & New Dolls!

Let me start with a sigh and a smile. The beginning of October had be busy finishing several projects to get ready for the Downtown Art Walk. I love setting my faeries up in our towns historic Train Depot. I meet so many wonderful people at the walks and Last Friday's was no exception! I took my Mom and two daughters with me... they had such a fantastic time and can hardly wait for the next Walk in December... you'd think I'll have time to get ready for it don't you... just wait and see, I'll be running here and there trying to finish everything at the same time.
I have a new beautiful offering in the Doll Shoppe. Willo'Mina and Leopold are sure to win your heart! http://www.paulasdollhouse.net/doll_page_10.html
And More! These little fellowe's are at my website and you may see more pix there of each one.

Linus: http://www.paulasdollhouse.net/doll_page_18.html

Greeley: http://www.paulasdollhouse.net/doll_page_16.html

Sedgley: http://www.paulasdollhouse.net/doll_page_20.html


My beautiful faerie shoppe van is in the shop... another sigh... let's just say college freshman on her way to school HITS a seemingly wimpy but deceivingly strong sign and causes $4,000 damage to my new van.... eeep, I'm gonna weep all over again... The girl was upset and covered in shattered glass, but not hurt, anyway... she feels that the sign, which is still standing, mocks her everytime she now drives by....heeheehee....

That is all for today. Hope my next message has no damages to report...

NOTE: pick up plenty of chocolate for all those ghouls & goblins!

Spooks & Giggles, Paula