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Visit my official website: Paula's Doll House Hi, I'm Paula McGee, lazy daydreamer, owner & chief dollmaker here at the Doll House. I started designing my own dolls in 1998. I've done all sorts of handicrafts and arts in my time but once I began designing "dolls" I never turned back because any craft or art skill can be used in dollmaking artwork. I've been married to my best friend for 5 years this year and together we have 6 children and 2 grandchildren. My handsome beast is a truck driver and I've just started going with him on the big rig. YES, I make my dolls and write my patterns while ON THE TRUCK... I love traveling. I love God. I love art and doll making. I love teaching what I know and meeting other artists. Love, Paula

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Pay The Rent" Sale Going on Now!

Well, yes, it is as it says... I must pay the rent to stay in my cozy, artful and fabulous Studio... and I'm putting everything on sale at the website Paula's Doll House. and on My eBay and My Etsy too!!!

Also watch for new classes and patterns coming soon! Faerie hugs, Paula

Friday, May 23, 2008

New and News!

It's almost June Already! Wow, another month has flown by, but so much has happened... Our gardens are planted, roses are happily in their beds and Fairy Godmother Christine and I are pooped beyond belief! Here I sit in the fairy cottage "office" typing this message to you all because I like to believe someone out there reads it.
New plans this month - I'm planning and building tiny new faerie homes, they will hopefully soon be on display in the windows of the Calico Ladies Studio! So come by often to peek in at us to see the paint, paper and woodchips flying...
Oh and yes, it's our 6 month anniversary of being in our downtown studio, and that means it's SALE time! So that should bring you in at the least! We have all sorts of things for the collector to the artist, or just come in to visit! Oh and we always LOVE to see your projects that you've been creating, bring them in...
I'm so tired from moving from the "Crow Mountain Doll House" to the olde tyme beautiful "Cottage Falls" right in the historical downtown district... but it has been worth it, I'm finding I'm a stronger gal than I even believed... I sure hope you come on by and give me a smile cause I certainly need some happiness these days!!!
Classes are on going, so come in to find out what you can do to get into a big old mess of fun with us!

-- Bye Now, Paula Casey - Johnson (Ark Craft Guild Member)Take my baby faeries class going on right now - http://www.dollstreetdreamers.com/classes/baby_faerie_class.htm