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Visit my official website: Paula's Doll House Hi, I'm Paula McGee, lazy daydreamer, owner & chief dollmaker here at the Doll House. I started designing my own dolls in 1998. I've done all sorts of handicrafts and arts in my time but once I began designing "dolls" I never turned back because any craft or art skill can be used in dollmaking artwork. I've been married to my best friend for 5 years this year and together we have 6 children and 2 grandchildren. My handsome beast is a truck driver and I've just started going with him on the big rig. YES, I make my dolls and write my patterns while ON THE TRUCK... I love traveling. I love God. I love art and doll making. I love teaching what I know and meeting other artists. Love, Paula

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Looking through the past

I have a few art doll bodies on my "to-do" shelf... all blank and un-costumed. So I happened upon my old sketchbooks full of faces I've drawn over the years and decided to put the sketches to use...

 the face is lightly inked onto the dolls head...

Then using my prismacolor pencils, sepia tone ink pens and a dab or two of white acrylic paint, she comes to life... now back to the worktable for a little costuming fun.
Love, Paula

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